Born in 1989 Emre Orun, was raised in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey. Emre is very active in extra curricular activities such as mixed martial arts and a talented hand in drawing. Through his hard work and determination, Emre has had championships, 1st and 2nd places, trophies, and many victories in his fighter career internationally. He is a certified trainer, self-defense Instructer and continuous his professional fighting career.


His first foray into acting took place in 2006. He received work as an extra in a number of programs on different national TV series in Turkey. Aside from acting, receiving an education was first on his priority list. His desire to complete his education and earn his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration kept him away from his love for acting for a few years. Post graduation, him and his family started their journey to seek new opportunities in the United States of America in the fall of 2010.


Emre's love for the arts brought him back full circle and he has been acting ever since . His most important ambition is to be successful in the acting society. Through his hard work and dedication, he wants to establish himself in this career. He has been taking acting training and continues to improve his skills and craft. He has participated many Feature Films, Short Films, Festival Films as Lead and Supporting Roles, Principle Roles in many Commercials, Lead Role in a Music Video, and also many Print and Runway Modeling experiences. 

He was also able to direct three award winning short films "Help" , "Leaving Behind" and  "Battle" that he wrote, produced and starred in.

He enjoys long drives and travels very often. Currently living in Jacksonville, FL.

He is very open minded and looks forward to meeting more people from around the world as he continues his life journey.