FILM                                                      ROLE                                           DIRECTOR/PRODUCTION

River                                                      Lead/River                                    Trey Vollmer/Vollmer Visuals

The Ride                                                Supporting/Epps (Boss)                Adam Marino/2 Tree Films

Let Me Be Corey                                   Supporting/Boardroom Member    Adam Madrid/Argyle Forest Films

A World of Worlds - Rise of the King     Supporting/Rinshi Su Kora           Barry Gaines/Gaines Entertainment

Battle                                                     Lead/Horseman&Emre                 Emre Orun/Orun Entertainment

Irony                                                      Lead/Jake                                     Carlos Seguro/4everlos Films

Cause of Death:Suicide                        Supporting/Lance                          Ray Etheridge/Golden West Films

Wake Up/Do Not Read                          Supporting/Alex Kuster                 Joe W Nowland/Hawk9 Productions 

Syndicate Assignments                         Supporting/Big Mike                      Kelly D. Weaver/Terminal 52 Films

The Family Way:Coming Home            Supporting/Aaron                         Shiva Rodriguez/Rogue Chimera Films

Leaving Behind                                     Lead/Damian                                Emre Orun/Orun Entertainment

Unity: 300 Days                                    Supporting/Malek Jones               Kelly D. Weaver/Terminal 52 Films

Indicted                                                 Supporting/Vigilante                     Justin Fernandes/SCAD

Open Late                                             Supporting/Accomplice                 Alyssa Rudisill/SCAD

Help                                                      Lead/Man                                      Emre Orun/Orun Entertainment

The Reunion                                         Supporting/White Hero                 Mario Scott/Madhaus Studios

6 Days                                                  Lead/Salesman                             Bohan Zheng/SCAD

Falling in Love                                      Supporting/Boss                            Scott McKinney/SCAD

Invidia                                                   Supporting/Destin                         Ezzie Yildiz/Ezzie Yildiz Films

Hot Summer Nights                              Featured-Swimmer/Partier            Elijah Bynum/Imperative Entertainment

Danger                                                  Supporting/Raj Singh                    Mike Roy/Super Max Productions

Not Me                                                  Supporting/Iraqi Commander        Mahmoud Salimi/Exile Productions

Romance Complicated                         Featured/Bartender                       Dhwani Gautam/Dhwani Gautam Films

22                                                         Supporting/25                                Trey Vollmer/Vollmer Visuals

The Airport                                            Lead/Guy                                      Zack Alvarez/Fushion Production


SERIES                                           ROLE                                          DIRECTOR/PRODUCTION

*Like A Man Web Series                     Lead/Real Man                              Trey Vollmer/Vollmer Visuals

*The Strategist Web Series                Lead/The Strategist                       Trey Vollmer/Vollmer Visuals

*The Stench                                       Supporting/Mr. Ugly                       Adrian Blade/Blade World Films

*The Candy Man Web Series            Lead/Candy Man                            Trey Vollmer/Vollmer Visuals

*The Hunters Web Series                  Supporting/Psycho                         Wicked Window Productions 

*Replica, Pilot Episode                      Supporting/Agent Theo                  Director: Lisa Eve

*Finding Carter                                  Camper/Partier                               Season 2, Episode 18-19 – MTV

*First Coast Craze Talk Show            Guest                                             January 24th 2015 on CW17

*The Originals                                    Featured/Club goer/Vampire         Season 1, Episode 7 - the CW TV

*Single Ladies                                    Featured/Dancing couple              Season  3, Episode 11 - VH1

*Kordugum (TV Show in Turkey)       Featured/Couple having dinner      Pazar Keyfi - SHOW TV


*Best Acting Reel Award "Runner Up" - Spotlight International Film Festival / 2023

*Best Action Actor - Southeast Regional Film Festival / 2020

*Award of Recognition / Leading Actor - Best Shorts Competition / June 2020

*Best Actor in a Drama - Actors Awards Los Angeles / April 2020

*Best Male Lead - Jax Film Prize Film Festival / 2017


*Best Indie Film Maker - Festigious International Film Festival Los Angeles / April 2020

*Stunt/Fight Choreography - WRPN Short Tight & Loose Global Film Festival Competition 2020

*Honorable Mention: Screenwriter - Košice International Montly Film Festival / April 2020

*Best Writer - Jax Film Prize Film Festival 2017 

*Honorable Mention: Stunts - 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival / 2017


Artist:Karma B. Flame  Album: Flame 4 The Soul   Song: No Vacancy


*Injury Care Centers Jacksonville

*24-Hour Offer Commercial

*Atlantic Trust Mortgage Commercial

*Bohemia Roofing Company

*Credit Sesame

*We Insure Commercial

*Wounded Warrior Project

*Kamado Joe Grill Commercial

*Atlantic Filter Commercial

*2018 World Cup Universal Studios Commercial with Kaka Leite (Stunt Double)

*Markland Real Estate Dream Finders 

*Royal Bank of Canada Golf Commercial

*Autobahn Indoor Speedway

*Florida Prepaid


*Djarum Cigarettes/Jet Motors Commercial

*Disney Commercials (B-Roll),

*Gaylord Palms Resort Commercial,

*Best Bet Poker Room Commercial, 

*Westinghouse  -  ‘‘Light up your life‘‘

*Credit Karma Commercial, -  ‘‘ F-Word ‘‘ 

*Jacksonville Fashion Week Promo, 2013

*Painting with a Twist, 2012


Martial Artist – Champion Kickboxer / MMA Fighter 

Stunts, Choreographer, Self Defense Instructor

1st Dan Kickboxer, Jiu-jitsu, Judo, Wrestling,

Krav Maga, Firearms, Archery, Knife, Sword,

Short sticks, Bo Staff, Horse riding, Motorcycle,

Soccer, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball,

Competitive Runner and Swimmer           


*The Hollywood Acting Studio - Jill Donnellan: On Camera, Scene Study, Drama,

Comedy, Commercial Techniques, Cold Readings, Improvisations, Audition Techniques

/ on going

*The Performers Academy - Drama, Comedy

*Cindy Hogan - Audition Techniques Acting Workshop

*John Casablancas Acting and Modeling Center:                                                         

-Television and Film Acting - Lana Duniho, Sarah Hartland              

-Stage and Runway Technique - Mikah Brown, Tia Holland        

-Advanced Runway Technique - Mikah Brown                                   

-Television and Print Make up - Mikah Brown, Tisha Appleton                              

-Stage Combat and Blocking - Kate Davis, Sarah Hartland                

-Photo Posing (commercial, editorial, catalog) - Richie Varela                

-Stage Production - Lana Duniho, Sarah Hartland




Southeastern Grocers

Golden Pixels Photo-Stock Photography  

World of Coca-Cola- Online Catalog   

First Coasts Magazine Prestigious Living Magazine (April 2016 issue full page)

Groom model in Marineland-Billboards

Groom model/Advertisements for Best Bets Photos, Photographer Betsy Groner 

Goodwipes- Online Catalog

Live Dance/Drama Stage Show ‘‘He had  it coming‘‘

Jacksonville Bridal Magazine, March  2015  

PUMP Magazine Issue 22 Men’s Edition, 2015  

Jennifer Sage (Author), Dante-Part 1 & 2 (The Guardian Archives Book 2) (Cover Model)

Sqoosh Sweatbands- Online Catalog  

Fanatics- World Cup Team Jerseys Online Catalog  

Certa Magazine June 2013 Fashion Furious

Certa Online Magazine - Music meets Fashion. September 2012  



Couture Fashion Show 2019 Represented by Daniel Motorca/The Tailor Shop

Couture Fashion Show 2017 Represented by Daniel Motorca/The Tailor Shop

Bridal Fantasy Fashion Show, August 2015  

Couture Fashion Show 2013 Represented by Daniel Motorca/The Tailor Shop

Fall Bridal Fantasy 2013 Represented by Michael's Formal Wear

Who's Knockin' Entertainment-Stars Flashin' with Fashion  2013  

Space Coast Fashion Week-Melbourne 2013 Represented by Xempt

Jacksonville Fashion Week 2013 (Freeze Modeling) Represented by YuZu Zen

Jacksonville Fashion Week 2013 Represented by Xempt

Old Navy Fashion Show - Orange Park Mall in Jacksonville

North Florida Annual Fashion Show 2013 Represented by Jeanisis and A.J. Reese

Channel 12-First Coast Living, Presented  Old Navy Fall Fashion    

Channel 12-First Coast Living, Presented Target Summer Wear

Jacksonville Fashion Week 2012 Represented by Janie G. Couture / Caroline Smith



Height: 6'  / 183 CM  

Weight: 190 / 86 KG 

Chest: 45 / 114 CM  

Waist: 32 / 80 CM

Hip: 38 / 96 CM  

Inseam: 32 / 81 CM  

Jacket: 40R  

Shirt Size: 24 / 60 CM

Sleeve: 30 / 75 CM

Shoe: 10.5 US / 44 EU / 10 UK    

Hair Color: Dark Brown     

Eye Color: Hazel